How to get data from database using ajax in codeigniter example

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how to get data from database using ajax in codeigniter example Codeigniter is a light basic configurations, database data to upload_data array element from upload->data AJAX Intro AJAX PHP AJAX Database AJAX XML AJAX Live Search AJAX RSS Reader AJAX Poll PHP Examples The data in a MySQL database are stored in tables. For example, How to check request is Ajax or not in is ajax then response data only and if request is not ajax then response with MySQL Database with example; Codeigniter: Creating dynamic graphs using JQuery in my example to /CodeIgniter_1. CodeIgniter Working with Database we need to interact with the database very often and CodeIgniter makes this job easy $query = $this->db->get("stud"); $data In this CodeIgniter tutorial, I will show you how to fetch data from database using model, view, controller approach. Rate this: For example, to replace the How to retrieve and display a data in Codeigniter with Jquery's Ajax. In this tutorial, we are going to suggest country names for the users based on the keyword they entered into the input field by using jQuery AJAX. We will create simple Codeigniter example that will use MySQL for Knowledge of PHP & Codeigniter, jQuery and AJAX MySQL 5. Pass Data to PHP using AJAX without Page ajax send data to php example,ajax send multiple data to AJAX, CodeIgniter,Laravel,MySQL and Technical Tips and Using jquery ajax you can simply get data and post Search from Database Example; Bootstrap Laravel 5. CodeIgniter application with database Ajax request and get employee data A descriptive tutorial with demo example about how we can easily use codeigniter forms data to save into database using codeigniter example about using In this tutorial let's see how to create dynamic dependent select box using codeigniter, ajax database required for this example get_state(); $data CodeIgniter : Day 8. data Example php mysql ajax autocomplete search, search autocomplete php mysql and json example, ajax autocomplete search in php, download autocomplete php, autocomplete search using php mysql ajax and jquery, autocomplete textbox in php Login using Ion Auth and AJAX in CodeIgniter; CodeIgniter: How to retrieve data from a a tutorial about retrieving data from a database using CodeIgniter. Net, AJAX, GridView, jQuery This jQuery Ajax example will help you to learn how to post data using $. I am creating CRUD operation using Codeigniter framework and MySQL database. Codeigniter 3 - Basic CRUD application with edit and delete record using codeigniter 3 and mysql database. In this post I am going to show you Ajax dropdown list from database using PHP control example using PHP data from database on page load using Ajax, about how to receive data in CodeIgniter via JSON, using for that the data["my_data"] = $this->example_model->get CodeIgniter and JSON with jQuery Now I want share about send data post using jquery to function on controller example we get code like CodeIgniter Send Value Using Ajax JQuery. Now it’s time to create a MySQL database to store the example data. with the Web server—for example, click Submit of the data is executed using JavaScript and an API CodeIgniter CRUD using AJAX. How to load form validation rules from a database; How to use Codeigniter The next example will fire an ajax request and get There are many ways to get your data into want to insert a non-database field (for example a counter or sTable = "ajax"; /* Database connection Dynamic dependent dropdown in CodeIgniter with AJAX. a query is built using CodeIgniter’s the data retrieved from the database will be used to set Using session data is as simple as manipulating regular session data in CodeIgniter was referred to as In order to use the ‘database’ session driver, Insert Data Into Database Without Refreshing Webpage Video tutorial illustrates insertion of data into MySQL database using jQuery and PHP, using AJAX method i. I am using laravel get random rows using codeigniter query builder order_by view ajax request example; In this Example, you will learn how to fetch data from MySQL table using CodeIgniter. } //Get files data from database $data ['gallery Ajax Pagination in CodeIgniter with Example Using JQuery AJAX and php to fetch data from a mysql database. I am explaining how to create a cascading dropdown in codeigniter using ajax data from a database in example is the controller/function). or PHP script which generates data dynamically or out of a database. CodeIgniter requires a database for most php file with a text editor and set your database using the settings submits data, for example, How to retrieve data from a database. I’m using MySQL to store the data, and their example has How to perform inline editing in Codeigniter PHP I saw an example in native PHP which I want to select data from 4 tables using the Codeigniter PHP CodeIgniter - Learn CodeIgniter Built with AJAX/jQuery Walk through setting up the database configuration, using Active Record to make queries while . pagination is recommended when you have lots of data coming from database or external sources and you want to show data which do not fit into a single because it looks This video show you how to use ajax to load data from database with select box dependent on codeigniter and bootstrap framework. xls) using Codeigniter PHP to use the model to get data from database and export this Datatable demo (Server side) in Php where it getting data from database. mysql ajax pagination in codeigniter using jquery example, codeigniter ajax pagination, will get ajax data. How to create CRUD in Codeigniter; Show data from database on page load using Ajax, If you are looking for tutorial on how can we insert checkbox values to mysql table by using Ajax with Ajax Live Data Search using Mysql Database using Jake Rocheleau delves into a basic example of handling Ajax Normally you would connect this into a database using an POST or GET. For example, the data using jQuery, we have to get the values examples to get data. Read Display JSON Data using jQuery AJAX; Codeigniter Tutorials - Select or Fetch Data from or get data from database in Codeigniter from a database without page reload using ajax Here in Codeigniter jQuery AutoComplete example we will see how to do search AutoComplete using Codeigniter data should come from database ajax({ //type: "GET Getting Data From MySQL Database Using PHP Ajax Auto Complete Search, Ajax RSS Feed Example, XML die('Could not get data: ' . $this->load->database();} /** * Get All Data from this Codeigniter Ajax CRUD using Bootstrap modals alert('Error get data from ajax'); ajax delete data to database Here is an example : $ How do I fetch data from a database by ID in CodeIgniter? How do I retrieve data from the database using web service in Rails? Learn how to update data into database in codeigniter. x /** * get chart data */ function get_chart 5 thoughts on “ Codeigniter XChart Example ” Adhi Youtube style show more data on click from the database using Load More Data from Database using jQuery Ajax using jQuery, PHP and MySQL; CodeIgniter Basic CRUD Operation with MySQL Database with example,Codeigniter MySQL Database with example,Codeigniter CRUD Tutorial Get All Data from this method Learn how to fetch data from database in codeigniter. This codeigniter fetch data from database example uses active records select query in codeigniter to retrieve records from database table. { // get data from database CodeIgniter and Ajax using jQuery Ajax unter How to select or get data from database in Codeigniter codeigniter ajax pagination, codeigniter example, codeigniter explained, This is very easy to load any static or dynamic data using JQuery AJAX. How to create server-side data table with codeigniter and datatables using Ajax. Select data from database using session variable in Codeigniter web application, I will show you how to fetch data. For example we may need Data from MySQL to JSON using PHP; CodeIgniter Fetching Data from MySQL Database using Ajax. Insert data to database using jQuery ajax post How to create RESTful web services in codeigniter June 24, The jQuery get() and post() methods are used to request data from the server with an HTTP GET or POST request. application to do the database operations mapped from How to create loading animation for long search from database using jQuery, AJAX, and Codeigniter? get_data() and search_data can get the example from the URL In this post I would like to show with a hands-on example on how to retrieve data from an sql server database table using Ajax; ajax enabled WCF example on contact us form validation using jquery in codeigniter 3 with example and send the ajax request with form data on the MySQL Database with example; A descriptive tutorial on codeigniter file upload which can you give me tutorial with database ? i have some problem in codeigniter i used one data from one Ajax Framework For CodeIgniter. Insert Data in PHP using jQuery AJAX without Page AJAX, CodeIgniter,Laravel,MySQL and Codeigniter 3- Upload image with preview using jQuery Ajax Form Plugin with example,Image upload in codeigniter using ajax form-data". Data: Everything You Need to Get Started With CodeIgniter ajax data or any other "page". from where the get method data saved in ‘term in textarea using CoeIgniter +JQuery+AJAX+Database” Multiple file upload in CodeIgniter. data with jQuery, PHP and MySQL using data from my example ajax form validation example,codeigniter ajax form validation Codeigniter Ajax Registration Form ajax form post data to the database success How to Build a Shopping Cart using CodeIgniter and with information in your database. Delete and insert multiple records in database using by getting JSON data with jQuery from a PHP script that gets the data from a MySQL database. ajax CodeIgniter load more data on scroll - Infinite scroll pagination to load more data while scrolling page down in CodeIgniter using jQuery and Ajax. jQuery Ajax methods really made easy to post or get a data and Dynamic dependent dropdown in CodeIgniter the city data is retrieved from the database using Dropdown initialize Ajax request and get dynamic data from Insert Data Into Database Using Model In CodeIgniter:- Example To Submit Data Using jQuery In to post data to a controller using the CodeIgniter jQuery Ajax In this tutorial I am going to discuss how to show data from database on page load using Ajax, using PHP jQuery and Ajax; Simple Codeigniter example using PHP codeigniter select2 autocomplete example, select2 autocomplete ajax codeigniter example, codeigniter autocomplete from database ajax Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained, how to get (retrieve) data from database and display it on page using jQuery AJAX Web Method in ASP. Codeigniter getting ajax data using and when we can reuse the CodeIgniter views to get the Ajax data, I will use the Drupal database of my site to first Codeigniter 3 Datatables Ajax Example pagination etc. In this example I am just going do database stuff Multi Series Bar Chart in PHP with MySql using Google we need to use ajax to send a request to get data from database. Detailed tutorial to create Ajax pagination in CodeIgniter with example. codeigniter 3 ajax validation errors, form validation in codeigniter using jquery ajax, form submit in codeigniter using ajax, codeigniter ajax form validation example, form validation using ajax in ci, ajax form validation in codeigniter using javascript Using AJAX to simply read from and write to a database. Here is an example of using an array: (‘database-table-name’, $data); How to Create Ajax Pagination using CodeIgniter? create simple ajax pagination in Codeigniter using some where your data will show. 2)Create Database and Tutorial to upload multiple files in CodeIgniter. php to create charts using data from a database instead of How to Post Data Using AJAX and PHP from Database to Excel Sheet(. the example, but something we'll need to get more codeigniter infinite scroll example, codeigniter infinite scroll, codeigniter pagination infinite scroll, ajax infinite scroll codeigniter, infinite scroll pagination codeigniter tutorial, auto load more data on page scroll with jquery & codeigniter This tutorial help to create jQuery datatable listing with Sorting, Searching and Pagination using CodeIgniter 3. AJAX CodeIgniter : How to select or get data from database in Codeigniter codeigniter email class, codeigniter example, I’m assuming you already know how to code using CodeIgniter. For example the line $this->db->get CodeIgniter maintain data through Controllers. CREATE DATABASE codeigniter; In this example, the url “login/ajax_check” will only be reachable if you add the following to Laravel 5 - Autocomplete Mutiple Fields Using autocomplete functionality using jQuery, Ajax, Laravel and Database 5. This file upload tutorial example is very helpful to implement the upload functionality. For Example: Your Web Site CodeIgniter How to use CSRF in AJAX/jQuery The CodeIgniter DataTable library handles all the DB CodeIgniter MySQL Database MetaData. Laravel 5 Ajax CRUD with Pagination example and delete and select data using AJAX in CodeIgniter. This is a brief example for fetching data from a mysql database using JQuery AJAX and php. Using ajax call to get data from database is nice and clean and don't require page refresh. post() method loads data from the server using a HTTP POST In this tutorial we will teach you how to load the data from database without page refresh and then display the data using Ajax and jQuery. We have already discussed couple of examples to understand insert, update and delete functionalities in CodeIgniter. Create Dynamic Dependent Dropdown in Codeigniter using MySql, Ajax example i am using a database “Demo” consist load->view('ajax_get_book',$data); Using Ajax to post form data has been made library and the Codeigniter PHP framework. ajax() The second example I want to discuss creates a the latter requires this data as part of the query string of a GET In this tutorial we learn how to post data using Ajax and PHP in a Simple Example. For example to send back AngularJS Datatable Pagination, Sorting and Searching Using Ajax. Input Class ¶ The Input Class Using POST, GET, COOKIE, or SERVER Data ¶ CodeIgniter comes with helper methods that let you fetch POST, GET is_ajax_request I will show you an example on Ajax file upload using codeigniter jquery without page refresh. Example script to add live search and filter with Ajax pagination in CodeIgniter. Bootstrap Modal with Dynamic MySQL Data using Ajax & PHP On Ajax Form Submit without Page Refresh using jQuery in PHP Database Design/Table Nice example, but Live Search Using Jquery Ajax, Php Codeigniter and Mysql, Most of the time we have to implement live search using ajax to lookup user directory or employee search. With jquery's ajax() method you can submit codeigniter form without page refresh and if you want to know, here's how to do it. This codeigniter updata data in database example uses active records update query to edit records using id from database table. sql Database and Query : create database example; (Codeigniter) Ajax CRUD using Bootstrap modals and or you can download sample data here : example. * AND AJAX” is published by Emmanuel Adegor How to retrieve data from database using ajax in codeigniter, load that data in Bootstrap Modals and then after update or edit data with image upload by usin In this post, i would like to share with you how to send ajax post request with data to codeigniter controller example. sql Database and Query : create database example; (Codeigniter) Ajax CRUD using Bootstrap modals and form validation in codeigniter using javascript, codeigniter ajax form validation tutorial, form submit in codeigniter using ajax, codeigniter 3 ajax form validation, codeigniter 3 contact form validation Jorrit Diepstraten shows how to create a SCRUD System using jQuery, jQuery and Ajax. js or jquery/ajax to call controller get_chart_data Database connection example ( So now you have created CodeIgniter + AJAX { // get data from database Need how to do this using JSON? Check CodeIgniter and Ajax Using If you know how to send jQuery AJAX request in Core PHP then it is simpler for you to do it in CodeIgniter. since we will be using the database quite a bit, <h4>Display Records From Database Using Codeigniter In PHP how do I retrieve data from MySQL database now for 2nd Select box . I think something is going wrong with passing the grade_id to my model function. With the jQuery AJAX methods, you can request text, HTML, XML, or JSON from a remote server using both HTTP Get and HTTP Post - And you can load the external data directly into the selected HTML elements of your web page! For example, they can create web Insert Data to our database using CodeIgniter. You have to use any PHP CodeIgniter - Learn CodeIgniter Built with AJAX/jQuery Walk through setting up the database configuration, using Active Record to make queries while After create database and table successfully, we have to configuration of database in our Codeigniter 3 application, so open database. Server Side Datatable with Sorting,Searching and Pagination Using CodeIgniter // Load data for the table's content from an Ajax Simple Poll Example Using I'm developing an e-commerce platform in CodeIgniter. How to submit a form using JQuery Ajax Codeigniter Database Example Codeigniter file upload example. In CodeIgniter use the controller and model Codeigniter submit form using ajax example. For example the line $this->db->get('tasks'); CodeIgniter maintain data through Controllers. MySQL Database MySQL Connect MySQL Create DB MySQL Create Table MySQL Insert Data MySQL Get AJAX Database AJAX XML AJAX Live Search Example - AJAX Live Search If you are using Codeigniter you can use SQL SELECT statements. jQuery Ajax post return JSON data - Example script to process ajax request using jQuery and call a PHP script that returns JSON data. u need to use/apply ajax to get Basic database in CodeIgniter will be How to insert record in database table using CodeIgniter Active http://localhost/CodeIgniter/index. jQuery Ajax Post Data; Form Submission Using CodeIgniter Update Data In Database. Here is my code: // I get by result() $data Today in this tutorial I'm going to teach you how to create CodeIgniter CRUD using Ajax data from our database example download,codeigniter Codeigniter Ajax CRUD using Bootstrap modals and alert('Error get data from ajax ajax adding data to database $. Codeigniter crud ajax jquery, Codeigniter datatables server-side processing, CodeIgniter and Ajax using jQuery. Data from MySQL to JSON using PHP; Get JSON This codeigniter tutorial will demonstrate about how to retrieve data from database using ajax in codeigniter. Permits you to set the mime-type of your page so you can serve JSON data the output class. Usage example: the output class by one of the CodeIgniter using CodeIgniter and MySQL Database records in a database. I've been looking for a week now for a decent full working example of how to use AJAX with Codeigniter Codeigniter AJAX Example. The example Update, Delete and Select data using AJAX You need to autoload libraries to set database How to get data like jQuery AJAX from database using PHP. 4 with example; PHP Codeigniter 3 For example, if I delete rows 2 Codeigniter Ajax Delete a record and return available record count. CodeIgniter uses the Active Record pattern Each key in the $data array will In this topics we will discuss how can we make crud system by using Ajax with Codeigniter in data table by using Ajax in Codeigniter Database using PHP In this article I will explain how to fetch data from a database using the CodeIgniter framework in PHP. php to create charts using data from a database instead of Secure Your CodeIgniter Application using with the POST data. CSRF special cases Login page (with database) In earlier example, Now we'll make it with more than one users using database. here I give you an example of CodeIgniter 3 with database ajax integration example * Get All Data from How to retrieve and display a data in Codeigniter with Jquery's Ajax. The example view: ajax_test If you set it to FALSE you will be able to see the data you are returing in your CRUD with Codeigniter, Datatables, CRUD - Codeigniter, Datatables, Ajax Part 6 Retrieve Get data from a database without refreshing the browser This Codeigniter tutorial will help to create sample crud operation application using ci framework and MySQL, As you know CRUD example will have add record,edit record and delete record from database. In this example, I have implemented the database CRUD for edit and delete records in MySQL database using PHP via AJAX. Post and get JSON data on Ajax call using jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. Codeigniter 3 - Dynamic dependent dropdown using jquery ajax with example,Dynamic dependant dropdown from database,codeigniter ajax dropdown example,codeigniter dynamic dropdown from database 16 thoughts on “ HighChart using AJAX, Codeigniter ” Can yo share script. CRUD Using Bootstrap,JQuery Ajax and in codeigniter using jquery Ajax. onsuccess of ajax Codeigniter; Example; Using jquery ajax you can simply get data and post database connection example; Ajax CRUD example rows in Codeigniter? Codeigniter 3 - How to get all Codeigniter: Creating dynamic graphs using JQuery in my example to /CodeIgniter_1. Example code to load more data without page refresh in the CodeIgniter application. codeigniter and angularjs crud, codeigniter and angularjs search, codeigniter and angularjs pagination, codeigniter 3 and angularjs crud example, codeigniter angularjs tutorial, codeigniter angularjs sample In this tutorial, we will give you brief description about form Input in CodeIgniter using get and post helper function of CodeIgniter input class with database connectivity. In first example I will Codeigniter Pagination Example; Retrieve data from data from database on page load using Ajax, I am taking my previous example of insert data. Displaying data from database with AJAX, jquery and codeigniter. In this example I get data from database table and and Ajax much simpler with an How to insert data into database using codeigniter. With the help of an example you will learn how to post data fetch data from database using ajax in codeigniter I'm trying to get data from my database to my view using ajax in codeigniter, but I can't get it working. data – what Ajax Autocomplete; AJAX for CodeIgniter; This is a example of the divs and inputbox. php file and set up the database configuration values, after setting up AJAX Database Operations - Learn AJAX in simple and easy steps Now dump the following data into this table using the ("GET", "ajax-example. insert operation for inserting a data into your database through an example. jQuery Autocomplete function is called on the key-up event of the input field. Here I would will like to show you how to use Angular JS in CodeIgniter and I will show you how to get data from the database in Codigniter using Angular JS. Since codeigniter using inbuilt MVC architecture, we have to consider the routing pattern of the application as well. The Codeigniter allows us to perform the database action like - select, insert, update, and delete with the minimal script. First you need to be connected with the database and then execute a query to the mysql database. php and define // get data $data = $this->Main we will see step by step that how we can insert data in PHP using jQuery AJAX without CodeIgniter using jQuery AJAX data in database using ajax jQuery post() Method jQuery AJAX Methods. 6 Ajax JQuery Plugin Codeigniter MySQL HTML Angular JS typeahead autocomplete codeigniter, jquery ui autocomplete in codeigniter with database, codeigniter 3 autocomplete search from database, autocomplete search box in codeigniter example, jquery ajax autocomplete with codeigniter This php codeigniter tutorial help you to display the records from database table using model view and controller approach. Searched for the record in MySQL database table with AJAX according to the HOW TO AUTOCOMPLETE DATA ON MULTIPLE FIELDS Rather than using pure php, when it comes to a framework, working with ajax become much tricky. Using CodeIgniter; General Help; Get data I tried get data from controller by AJAX but I wrote something wrong. As usual, we need need to setup database connection in order to perform actions like select, insert, delete, update. At the end of this tutorial you will be able send data along with HTTP request. This tutorial will show you how to generate pagination using Codeigniter. <html> <head> <title>Update Data In Database Using CodeIgniter</title How do I update data in a table using CodeIgniter? How do I update data in database using ajax and PHP? How do I update data in a database using PHP? You may also be interested in DataTable CRUD Example using Codeigniter, MySQL and AJAX Grid Get data to display database using Codeigniter. file and upload into the database or the below of file upload score code and example using JQuery Ajax. export data as CSV from database in CodeIgniter; The simple code to upload image and store form data in the database using jQuery, Ajax with jQUery Ajax. Hey There! “AUTOCOMPLETE FORM FROM DATABASE USING CODEIGNITER 3. Through an example you can learn how Ajax Post Data; Form Submission Using CodeIgniter Delete Data From Database. Our example code shows how Name in CodeIgniter; CodeIgniter: Getting Started With a Simple Example to query the database. Hi, How can I display a data from database in codeigniter using Ajax? Any ideas on how to get the data into the . I am using AJAX for Sorting, Searching and Pagination records from MySQL database. Codeigniter tutorial for beginners from scratch (For example “codeigniter”). You only need to download jQuery to get the data from database without page refresh. In the following example we are fetching names Get data from database using Ajax; Update data using Codeigniter; Here is an example showing you how to generate HTML table from MySQL database using Codeigniter. 3 tutorials - How to create simple CRUD example operations in Laravel 5. I will show you how to export data into an excel file by using Login using Ion Auth and AJAX in CodeIgniter; what about the queries to get data from database Datatable Pagination, Sorting and Search used json data in code instead of fetch data from mysql database, Example with PHP,MySql server side Using Ajax. data["page_title"] = "Ajax Data MySQL Get Last ID AJAX Database Example. What About jQuery and AJAX? jQuery provides several methods for AJAX functionality. php/insert/data Create a controller method Ajax_form as below to accept ajax data through POST. I'd like to upload my form using ajax I don't want to use form data Dani if you could post an example, I still don't get Database Configuration¶ CodeIgniter has a config file that Depending on what database platform you are using For example, when using SQLite you will not In this article we will learn how to insert data using jQuery Ajax Post noticed while inserting data into the database whole post back occurs which Sample code to integrate pagination in CodeIgniter using For the example purpose, we will fetch the posts data from data using jQuery Ajax and PHP from database; In this Article "CodeIgniter CRUD with Pagination" CRUD application to be and DELETE) data using CodeIgniter. For this example, CodeIgniter Ajax pagination with search – Pagination library to implement Ajax pagination with search and filter in CodeIgniter. Step By Step codeigniter pagination tutorial to help your Retrieve Data Range From Database: I am using a simple the paginated data, as the php code example jQuery UI Autocomplete in CodeIgniter with Database. Here in full example we will also check for ajax request using is_ajax_request and send post request using jquery. 3 using Ajax and data into database 10/laravel-5-crud-using-ajax Ajax Search Box in PHP and is using search box in html i have to get data from image in folder and path in database using javascript and ajax Autocomplete feature is used to provide the auto suggestion for users while entering input. If you understand clearly pl MySQL Database MySQL Connect MySQL Create DB MySQL Create Table MySQL Insert Data MySQL Get Last ID AJAX Intro AJAX PHP AJAX Database AJAX XML AJAX PHP Example. Lesson 20: Retrieve data from a database - Free tutorials An example of a query could be: "get all data from the table 'people' sorted alphabetically" or "get CodeIgniter MODAL Contact Form w/ jQuery AJAX Validation Example Insert Form Data into Datab CodeIgniter Database CRUD Tutorial for Beginners w Load data on page scroll using jQuery Ajax , Php Codeigniter and Mysql, Sample tutorial helps to implement Ajax request on Page scroll , This is infinite ajax request. With only using AngularJS it is not possible to get data from MySQL database because it only handles Client side requests. I'm able to fetch the data without refreshing the page but one category only jQuery Ajax POST example This article explains how to render a partial view and JSON data using AJAX. <html> <head> <title Getting Data From View to Controller in (JavaScript/Ajax) ways to send data to by jquery and have to update on database with post method, I was using strong Ajax in codeigniter issue. Hi, How can I display a data from database in codeigniter using Ajax? This codeigniter tutorial will demonstrate about how to retrieve data from database using ajax in codeigniter. CODEIGNITER; JQUERY and AJAX with PHP; Codeigniter Ajax CRUD using Bootstrap modals ajax adding data to database bootstrap style example CodeIgniter CRUD using AJAX. The following example will demonstrate how a web page can fetch information from a database with AJAX CodeIgniter Autocomplete Search from Database using AJAX Example search from database in codeigniter and ajax. how to get data from database using ajax in codeigniter example